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I'm a retired Supervisor from General Motors after 30.5 years. Oldsmobile has always been and will remain Number 1 with me, for sure, but also, with so many others!


Dr. Oldmobile:


I started out as a one man operation (now located in Jackson, Michigan) out of my garage in Lansing, Michigan, the home of Oldsmobile.   Even with the help of friends and family, it's still pretty much a one man operation.


When General Motors decided to drop the Oldsmobile division, it was truly a sad day in Lansing as well as the rest of the automotive world.  America's longest continuous production automotive nameplate, was no more.


It's my aim that this site will help to keep the Oldsmobile name alive and serve the many of us who admire that car and those days of it.


To further this commitment  we fully support the founding of the Automotive History Preservation Society and their efforts to preserve the documents and artifacts that are a dwindling link to our rich automotive history.


If you  are a fellow Olds hobbyist or a lobbyist, own a Delorean or you're a historian, or simply a person who's interested in this ongoing "narrative," the A.H.P.S. needs you.


Show your support by using this link CLICK HERE to join.


We aren't big... but we ARE personal!

Took some time off to relocate and build a new 32x48 Man Cave / Shop. So NOW, it's back to work!

1 of 104 built -- only 5 known to still exist!

Thanks so much for visiting our site.  It's my hope that you'll be back and join in on some of our OLDSMOBILE dreams!

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