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Bat Wing Air Filter

J-2 Tri-power:


Since the inception of the J-2 Tri-power option in early 1957, Oldsmobile owners have had a love / hate relationship with the often misunderstood J-2. We try to provide parts and information to help ease the pain of restoring these FABULOUS FLIERS of the FIFTIES.


Hard to find parts:


Stainless trim pieces ( did you know there are over 800 linear inches of stainless trim on a '58 Olds)


Back up lights (Super 88 and 98 in the bumper)


Radios  (Transportable and wonder bar)

Original dimpled valve covers for (W-1 adjustable rocker arms)


Utility trunk lights  (18ft. cord on a reel)


We Now Have:


(Limited production individually Numbered)


CUSTOM RAM-AIR INDUCTION for cars with carbs


Complete. Just Paint and Install

Fits Most 5 1/8 Carburetor Throat Openings

Installed on my 1964 330 c.i. Cutlass Pickup

G Body Cutlass

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