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Here at Dr. Oldmobile.com,  we are dedicated to preserving the name and heritage of one of the most enduring and innovative marques in American automobile history.


Oldsmobile - 1897-2004


Before Chevrolet, before Dodge, even before Ford, there was Oldsmobile.    And as long as wheels turn and internal combustion engines burn, octane of any level, there will be an Oldsmobile. If only in our hearts and memories!


To assist those 1958 Oldsmobile owners,

Dr. Oldmobile tries to match parts, services and provide information to those that are trying to keep their Rockets running.


OCA #033762

NAOC #5471


Dr. Oldmobile

Jackson, Michigan 49201

(517) 974-5379 for inquiries


Email: thedoctor@droldmobile.com



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Mary Kay, no way.... THIS WAS your father's Oldsmobile!

... And this is just where we start!  Interact with the doctor AND some of the other smart folks who've communicated with us over the past few years and enjoy your love of the irreplaceable OLDSMOBILE!

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