Dr. Oldmobile .. Oldsmobile Tribute Car

This is an effort to showcase performance bells and whistles that were used by Oldsmobile  between 1957 and 1970


  The front engine is a 1957 371 J-2 tri power  W1 NASCAR solid lifter motor with 315 h.p. The rear engine is a 1968 455 c.i. that has the ONLY 1967 L-69 W-30 tri power intake and

a 1967 UHV  transistorized ignition.

The suspension is air ride. An option available in

1958-59 called New-Matic Suspension


You start with this air ride frame and add a Toronado drive cradle...

Toro cradle added to Fiesta main rails

Original rear bumper mounting bar added to Toro cradle

Boxing in main frame rails

Frame after a coat of P.O.R.


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