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No Longer Available


The Dr. Oldmobile Ram-Air System


Fits most 4 bbl carburetors

Under Hood, Looks Good!

With battery relocated to make room for Hose.

Custom Transition Collars . Replace Inboard Headlights

Finished Product with Blackout

Screens Covering Headlights

1968 L69 Hurst Olds . Owner: Ed Demmer

Not many of us are lucky enough to own an L69 intake set up with the W30 ram air shroud.

L69 Tri Power Carbon Fiber Ram Air System

The Highly Sought After ORIGINAL Non Chrome

GM custom window and UHV distributor caps

Magnesium or Ductile Iron adjustable rocker arms


Lower hoodbar and utility light

No Longer Available


For the rest of us

The long awaited reproduction of the 1966 W30 shroud

is available in limited quantities

Each individually numbered unit includes  two 39" long x 4" dia. hoses

 a pair of 4" clamps . three air filters and air cleaner gaskets

    Dr. Oldmobile logo decals


Lots of Olds cool stuff for your 1958 Olds or 371 ci. motor

Wonder bar, transportable  (1958and 59) and delux radios

Adjustable rocker arms

J2 air cleaners

J2 replacement air filters

J2 manifolds, carbs, vacuum switches, dash pots, and linkage

Stainless trim (fenders,doors, hood, roof, U name it)

Tail light gas door assemblies

Windshields, back glass, vent windows and regulators

Blocks, cranks, cylinder heads and air ride compressors

Complete rear end 3:42 (drum to drum)

Lower hood bar trim (restored to like new)

Custom GM window distributor cap (clear) and red UHV cap  with copper contacts (64-72)

Under dash 45 R.P.M. record players


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